About US

We are the St Mary of the Angels (SMOA) Parents and Relatives Association.

Our mission, in addition to securing the long-term future of our loved-ones’ home, is to continuously improve and enhance the lives of the 75 people for whom St. Mary of the Angels, Beaufort, is a very special home and community. To succeed in this, we:

  • Liaise with frontline staff, management, HIQA and the HSE to identify volunteering opportunities and practical ways in which the lives of SMOA residents can be improved and enhanced and to ensure SMOA continues to meet regulatory requirements
  • Work in partnership with the service provider St. John of God and South Kerry & North Kerry Development Partnership, to plan important works such as building extensions, introduction of social farming, painting, landscaping, resurfacing roadways etc.
  • Plan and organise fundraisers to raise money for carrying out work on the campus
  • Keep relatives of SMOA residents informed about important issues and developments (subscribe here)
  • Ensure that St Mary of the Angels remains in the hearts and minds of the general public by maintaining a strong online presence where we share photos and updates (we have close to 7500 followers on Facebook, a Twitter page and a YouTube channel)