Further Reading

The biggest threat to the future of St Mary of the Angels is the HSE "Decongregation" policy. More about this here

Neither St Mary of the Angels nor Ireland are in a unique position. Read about the International dimension here.

For HIQA reports about St Mary of the Angels, click here.

For assorted research papers, documentation and legal issues, click here.

Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) reports and documents are on the Decongregation page.

Records of debates and answers to written questions have been moved to the Oireachtas page.

    • Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015
      • The new law has been enacted on 30th December 2015 but only certain sections have been commenced via Ministerial Order on 17th October 2016. Other sections will be commenced at so far unknown dates in the future.
      • Simplified overview of the Act
      • Full text of the Act (including commencement orders)
    • Irish Council for Social Housing
      • Capital Assistance Scheme 'Call for proposals 2016' (Inviting applications for capital funding with particular emphasis on 'de-congregation' policy. In July 2016 Kerry County Council received two proposals from St. John of God under this scheme in respect of residents of St Mary of the Angels.)
    • Letters and statements in relation of the transfer of ownership to St John of God 2005