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The biggest threat to the future of St Mary of the Angels is the HSE "Decongregation" policy. More about this here

Neither St Mary of the Angels nor Ireland are in a unique position. Read about the International dimension here.

For HIQA report about St Mary of the Angels, click here.

For assorted research papers, documentation and legal issues, click here.

  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, United Nations, March2007. Further info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convention_on_the_Rights_of_Persons_with_Disabilities

  • Time to Move on from Congregated Settings - A Strategy for Community Inclusion, HSE, June 2011
  • Press Release - €100m funding for Programme for Government commitment from 2016-2021 for 'decongregation'
  • HSE 2016 List of facilities prioritised for capital funding to move residents to community living (4 for St Mary of the angels)
  • HSE 2017 National Service Plan (Facilitate the movement of people from congregated to community settings: target 223 people in 2017, page 33. AND 20 million Euro in 2017 for: 47 units at varying stages of purchase and refurbishment to meet housing requirements for 165 people transitioning from congregated settings, page 73)
  • HSE 2018 National Service Plan 
    • "Complete the move of 170 people from large congregated settings to community-based service models.", page 43. Last year's target of 223 was not met: only 161 were moved, page 113
    • Target for all of CHO 4: Cork, Kerry without detailed breakdown is: "Eight units at varying stages of purchase / new build / refurbishment to meet housing requirements for 24 people transitioning from congregated settings" (Phased 2018/2019), page 126
    • "Realign workforce to person-centred social care model with a specific focus on congregated settings (voluntary and statutory)", page 44)
  • HSE 2018 Cork Kerry Community Healthcare Operational Plan 2018
    • Decongregation is still on the agenda for St Mary of the Angels, details on page 72:
    • Continue with implementation of National Policy on “Transforming Lives: A Time to Move On from Congregated Settings” in St. John of Gods’ Kerry Services:
      • Establish a group to work with SJOG to assist them with their preparation of a comprehensive plan for decongregation.
      • Continue the communication and engagement process with SJOG and family group.
  • Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015
    • The new law has been enacted on 30th December 2015 but only certain sections have been commenced via Ministerial Order on 17th October 2016. Other sections will be commenced at so far unknown dates in the future.
    • Simplified overview of the Act
    • Full text of the Act (including commencement orders)
  • Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament)
    • Dáil Éireann Leader's Questions, 6th March 2019
      • Deputy Micheál Martin: "There is a crisis across the disability services sector in providing access to full-time residential care, particularly for adults with disabilities, as well as to respite care, home care and shared services. (...provides many examples...)"
      • The Taoiseach Leo Varadkar: Gives speech and equates 'Congregated Settings' with 'Institutions': "We are making a big difference. For example, consider the people with intellectual disabilities who have to live in congregated settings in institutions. There are 2,200 fewer people living in institutional congregated settings. They have been moved out into homes in the community, which is a big change. We have a multi-annual plan to continue that programme to move as many people as possible out of the old-fashioned institutions into much more appropriate settings in the community."
    • Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Question 51971/18 by Michael Healy-Rae, 11th December 2018
      • Minister with responsibility for Older People, Jim Daly, stresses the "importance of developing a wider choice of appropriate housing options for older people suited to their needs" and aims to "... rebalance the care model away from residential care to supporting older people to remain living independently at home for longer." But also: "... there will always be a cohort of people for whom residential nursing home care is the most appropriate option."
      • However Minister Finian McGrath does not afford people with disabilities the range of options that his colleague is giving to older people. Instead he is focussed implementing "a new model of support in the community, moving people from Congregated settings to the community in line with Government policy." And: "The Programme for Partnership Government contains a commitment to continue to move people with disabilities out of congregated settings, to enable them to live independently and to be included in the community.  The objective is to reduce this figure by one-third by 2021 and ultimately, to eliminate all congregated settings." - Here the minister is clearly eliminating one choice (i.e. residential nursing home setting / congregated setting) that is available for older people.
    • Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Question 33220/16 by Brendan Griffin, 3rd November 2016
    • Dáil Éireann Debate 26th October 2016 (Leaders' Questions)
    • Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Questions 29241/16, 29242/16, 29243/16 by Gino Kenny TD. Answer received 25th October from HSE:  RE: PQs 29241/16, 29242/16, 29243/16
    • Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Question 28409/16 by John Brassil TD, 4th October. Answer received 18th October from HSE: RE: PQ 28409/16
    • Dáil Éireann Debate 18th October 2016 (Topical Debate "Services for People with Disabilities")
    • Dáil Éireann Debate 4th October 2016 (Topical Debate "Services for People with Disabilities")
  • Irish Council for Social Housing
    • Capital Assistance Scheme 'Call for proposals 2016' (Inviting applications for capital funding with particular emphasis on 'de-congregation' policy. In July 2016 Kerry County Council received two proposals from St. John of God under this scheme in respect of residents of St Mary of the Angels.)
  • Letters and statements in relation of the transfer of ownership to St John of God 2005