St Mary of the Angels is one of the main beneficiaries of this year's Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle. Please give what you can on the 'Team St Mary of the Angels' fundraising page. You can select any team member you wish to support; all donations will go towards our goal of providing private bedroom accommodation for 8 people.

To all the brave people who will cycle for St Mary of the Angels: Please join our team and start fundraising to provide private bedrooms! 

Our Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle profile is here: St Mary of the Angels.

'Funds raised through this year's charity cycle will help to ensure the future home of the 76 residents and 40 people who depend on our services.'

St Mary of the Angels is home to 76 residents with physical and intellectual disabilities. It also provides a Day Service to 40 people with disabilities. Set in beautiful surroundings in Co. Kerry, our campus comprises of 10 homes where many residents have lived for most of their lives.

Our excellent onsite facilities include a hydrotherapy pool, special sensory room and Arts and Crafts Centre. In addition we provide essential services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech & language therapy. St. Francis Special School also operates on this campus. With your help through this year’s Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle, we’re hoping to raise enough money to provide eight people with their own private bedrooms and to secure the long-term future of our facility.

Help us continue to make a life-changing difference for people in need in our community. Funds raised will help towards:

  • Creation of private bedroom accommodation for 8 people.
  • Sustaining our work and services into the future.

One of our team members describes what it would mean to reach our goal:

"My son Bernard has lived in Saint Mary of the Angels since the age of five. He continues to thrive in his happy community where all the services required are provided for his health and well-being. The staff are experts in their field and are devoted to those in their care.

At present Bernard shares a bedroom in St. Fidelis with two other men and sleeps in a narrow single bed with rails pulled up at the sides at nighttime. Now an adult at forty one years of age there is no doubt but it would hugely benefit Bernard to finally have a private bedroom of his own.

Bernard tends to be a very light sleeper with the slightest sounds awakening him for hours and often may not fall back asleep after being disturbed leading to drowsiness on the following day. When awake he sits up in bed and plays quite happily with an activity centre, loving to tap, bang and rattle it as he likes the sounds it makes. He can also be very vocal if he requires assistance throughout the night.

This is not a problem when Bernard is home as he enjoys the comfort and privacy of his own bedroom with ensuite. As he sleeps in a double bed, he does not need rails to protect him from falling out. However it has to be a very difficult situation when two other men with similar needs also share the same bedroom with one disturbing the other for various reasons during the night and a total lack of privacy and little space to hold their belongings.

I would love for Bernard’s dignity to have the privacy of his own room, surrounded by all the little things that make him happy and for us to have a private space to spend quality time when we visit. It would make the world of difference and truly enhance the quality of Bernard’s life."