The residents at Saint Mary of the Angels have excellent access to the services of a general practitioner (GP) who visits the centre once each week and when required. They have access to out-of-hours GP services. Residents receive regular medical assessments and healthcare needs are met in a timely manner. Onsite services include allied health/specialist services e.g. speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, massage, music therapy, physiotherapy, psychology and psychiatry.

The community of Saint Mary of the Angels also has a chapel, chalets, a school and a day service on campus. In addition it hosts Oak Tree Lodge (for arts and crafts activities) and is secure and open with fantastic landscapes and large paved safe walkways (speed limit 10km/h throughout the campus and a speed ramp at the entrance). Other facilities include a wheelchair swing, outdoor sensory equipment and a Sensory Garden. There is also a post box.

The residents also benefit from a hydrotherapy/sensory pool which is essential for people with mobility problems and a special sensory room with a heated water bed (of huge benefit to those, for example, with autism or muscular issues) along with modern bathrooms equipped with jacuzzi baths and hoists.